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Zhuang Hong-yi

Step into a world where art isn’t just visual; it’s an emotional voyage. Zhuang Hong-yi’s artistry is a haven of happiness, a catalyst for enrichment, and a portal to re-enchantment. Imagine feeling an immediate sense of joy, a deep connection to nature’s tranquility, as you stand before his dominant floral motifs. Flowers are a global language— symbolizing peace, happiness, and prosperity—and Zhuang has mastered this language, creating a dialogue that transcends borders and cultures.
Born in 1962 in China’s Sichuan province, Zhuang is among the country’s most compelling artists. His unique blend of Chinese heritage and European influence sets him apart. Zhuang navigates a journey of self discovery between these two worlds, artistically manifesting this exploration in works that oscillate between meticulous planning, raw emotional release, and delicate editing. The result? A captivating blend of beauty, surprise, and intellectual intrigue. While his use of vibrant colors may catch your eye, it’s his intricate, evolving floral designs that linger in your soul—each piece a new chapter in his ongoing mastery of the motif.
Having achieved international acclaim over decades, Zhuang’s groundbreaking sculptural paintings have graced over a hundred solo and group exhibitions globally. Notable venues include Beijing’s Found Museum, the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands, Germany’s Ulm Museum, Russia’s Erarta Museum, and the prestigious Venice Biennale in Italy. Zhuang honed his skills at the Sichuan College of Fine Arts and further expanded his artistic horizons at the Minerva Academy in the Netherlands.
Today, Zhuang continues to channel his artistic energies between his studio in China and his residence in Switzerland. Experience the work of a master who isn’t just painting pictures but is connecting worlds, challenging perceptions, and inviting you to rediscover joy and peace through the universal language of flowers. Come, be enchanted.

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