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Richard Orlinski

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Richard Orlinski, a Parisian sculptor born in 1966, who believes that art has the power to crystallize raw emotions and elevate our imagination. With each piece, Orlinski unveils what he has artistically transmuted, inviting you to explore your own perceptions and emotions.
Trained at the National School of Visual Arts in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Orlinski finds his inspiration in the audacious freedom of contemporary artists like Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, and Takashi Murakami. Working primarily with resin and aluminum through foundry processes, he infuses his sculptures with references to pop art—a movement that has continually inspired him since his youth.
Orlinski stands at the vanguard of artists who challenge and redefine the aesthetic norms of our consumer society. Utilizing industrial techniques, he crafts art that engages and questions our perceptions, while critiquing the mass production endemic in today’s cultural industry. From his iconic
crocodile sculptures to more specialized pieces, he presents a diverse range of what contemporary art can offer.
Orlinski’s artistry isn’t merely visual; it’s viscerally impactful. His sculptures, whether domestic, decorative, or monumental, boast sleek, reflective surfaces that do more than just catch the eye. They mirror our own reflections, compelling us to see ourselves as potential aggressors— narcissists who are captivated by our own image, often overlooking the work itself. This role reversal adds a provocative layer to his art, making it a sensory experience that enlivens the contemporary art scene.
Central to his oeuvre is the “Born Wild” concept, epitomized by his signature red polyresin crocodile. This iconic piece delves into the complexities of the reptilian brain—the primal seat of survival instincts, territorial control, and reproduction. What better symbol than the crocodile to represent this ancient part of our brain, underscoring the evolutionary prowess that has enabled both species to adapt and survive?
Richard Orlinski continues to live and create in Paris, endlessly pushing artistic boundaries.

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