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Rachel Bergeret

Born in 1975, French artist Rachel Bergeret initially launched her career in fashion design in 2003, finding her artistic voice as she transitioned into the visual arts. Her journey from fashion to art is marked by the creation of her iconic muse in 2009, "La Midinette," derived from her early design sketches. This character, both ultra-feminine and ingeniously deceptive, draws inspiration from the historical Parisian "midinettes," the young women of the haute couture workshops, embodying the luxurious yet critical spirit of Parisian fashion.

Bergeret's art reflects a deep admiration for luxury while simultaneously critiquing consumer culture through a blend of humor and satire. Painting serves as her primary medium, where she weaves complex narratives that require a deeper understanding beyond their rich visual appeal.

Her work features a polymorphic three-dimensionality that captivates viewers, imbued with qualities that are mystical, poetic, surreal, ironic, provocative, and ingeniously artificial. Influenced by the flowing locks of Pre-Raphaelite art, the lavish detail of Gustav Klimt, the boldness of Toulouse Lautrec, and the modernity of Edmond Kiraz, her creations echo the artistic giants that populated her childhood imagination.

Rachel Bergeret stands out in the art world for her unique ability to merge her foundation in fashion design with her evolving artistic expression, creating pieces that offer both an immediate visual delight and a profound, ongoing dialogue.

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