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Nestled in the enchanting Luberon region of Provence, Christophe Tixier —better known as Peppone—runs a workshop that is a veritable Aladdin’s cave of reclaimed treasures. A dedicated sculptor and collector, Peppone has amassed a staggering array of eclectic objects, artfully arranged in a space that tells a compelling narrative. Central to this collection are nearly 500 comic books that serve as daily muses, fueling his boundless creativity.
Born to teacher parents, Peppone was raised on the profound belief that sharing enriches life immeasurably. His father ignited his love for comics, a passion that grew through visits to flea markets, local library auctions, and gifts from friends and even strangers. Drawing from this rich tapestry of paper, Peppone crafts vibrant resin sculptures pulsating with popular symbols that conjure up the magic of childhood and the essence of his Provencal roots. He channels the imaginative realms of Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney, transforming them into tangible art forms.
Peppone offers a unique perspective on human existence, asserting that humans are uniquely conscious of their mortality. To navigate this existential awareness, we communicate, dream, and create, thus weaving a perpetual link between the past, present, and future. Through his intricate sculptures, Peppone not only animates these layers of paper but also invigorates them with emotional depth, forging an enduring connection to his father and continuing a cherished legacy.
Discover the world of Peppone—a haven where art resonates with collective memory and individual dreams. Here, every piece is a captivating journey through popular culture, a heartfelt tribute to familial bonds, and a vibrant celebration of life itself.

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