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Patrick Penkwitt

Patrick Penkwitt's creative journey began at age 16 when he embarked on a career in photography, initially capturing dynamic images for Skateboarding and BMX Freestyle magazines in Germany and California. After years of shooting extreme sports such as mountain biking, snowboarding, and skiing, he shifted to working with fashion and advertising clients. Growing up in Stuttgart within a family of photographers — his grandfather a war photographer and his parents a duo who met in photography school — creativity was embedded in his DNA.

Over time, his artistic vision has expanded into painting, transforming his early influences into a lifelong project. Intuitively blending whimsy with seriousness, his vibrant paintings feature intricate, imaginative worlds that evoke a sense of play while offering layers of depth. Patrick's masterful use of color is both dynamic and unexpected, creating visual experiences that surprise and captivate the viewer. Now, as he explores his expanding practice, Patrick brings the same eye for detail and narrative composition that distinguished his photographic work into a new medium. His paintings showcase a unique interplay of surreal elements and vivid storytelling, capturing a spectrum of emotion and delight that resonates with viewers.

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