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Nathalie Moulinet

Originally from France and captivated by Miami's energy, Nathalie Moulinet dedicates her talents to painting and sculpture. Her artistic journey includes over a decade of extensive training at the 'Ateliers des Beaux-Arts' in Normandy and Paris, further honed through specialized master classes and under the guidance of renowned French painter Jacques Deshaies, whose work echoes nature's palette.

Moulinet's art spans multiple disciplines, employing a variety of mediums and techniques. She skillfully navigates through drawing, watercolor, acrylics, oil painting, and the tactile art of clay and wax modeling. Her skill set also includes stained glass, mono-printing, and collage. Continuously innovating, Moulinet has recently ventured into creating epoxy resin sculptures.

Her art reflects her emotions, merging strength and grace. Her portraits, particularly of contemporary women, symbolize empowerment and challenge societal constraints. Moulinet's artistic approach is direct and guided by her sensitivity, capturing the unique essence of her subjects.

For Moulinet, painting and sculpture are complementary practices. Whether molding clay or applying paint, each action is part of a unified artistic expression. She views the creation of art, whether shaping a form or painting a body, as telling a story.

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