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Leo & Steph

Introducing Leo & Steph, the electrifying French-Brazilian pair reshaping the art landscape with their game-changing creation: KID CUP. Representing far more than just a faceless, gender-neutral figure, KID CUP embodies the radiant spirit of joy and optimism that resides in each of us. Always pictured with their cup—an unambiguous emblem of their zest for life—KID CUP invites you into a world where happiness is a perpetual pursuit. We extend a heartfelt invitation to you: become a part of the transformative KID CUP FAMILY!
Leo, originally hailing from Brazil, has been enchanting Paris with his creative prowess since 2008. A multidisciplinary designer, Leo excels in graphic and interior design, painting, sculpture, and drawing. His skills have not only shaped his art but also led him to become an Artistic Director at one of France’s premier e-commerce giants. The breadth of his expertise adds a compelling layer of complexity and allure to their collaborative art projects.
On the other side is Stéphane, a seasoned French media expert boasting more than two decades of industry experience. His career portfolio is nothing short of impressive, with leadership roles at media powerhouses like NRJ and ENDEMOL, and an ongoing role as a TV producer at JLA GROUP. With an innate love for decoration and a commitment to infusing artworks with buoyancy and color, Stéphane injects a unique and invigorating energy into each piece.
Together, Leo & Steph form a synergistic powerhouse that is taking the art world by storm. They are not just artists; they are visionaries with a captivating perspective that invites us to look at the world anew, celebrating the simple yet profound joys that life presents. With each art
piece, they offer you more than just a visual feast; they provide a multi sensory experience that speaks to your inner child, your sense of wonder, and your enduring optimism.
This is not just art. This is a movement. Join the KID CUP FAMILY and be a part of something truly extraordinary.

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