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Born in the City of Lights, Paris, on October 22, 1961, Joseph has carved out a haven for his artistic exploration in the picturesque South of France. A trailblazer in the art world since 1985, Joseph stands as a beacon for a new generation of prolific artists driven by a thirst for dialogue, breaking away from the hardline stances of the ’70s. His work is a vibrant tapestry that reinterprets symbols of popular culture, serving as a compelling commentary on our times.
Educated in architecture at EDPI and later in graphic arts at Sornas School, Joseph honed his skills in painting and drawing at the prestigious École des Beaux-Arts. But it was the allure of Parisian museums that captivated him more than any classroom could. While the New Realists, particularly Hains and Villeglé, caught his imagination, it was a transformative encounter with Antoni Tàpies that crystallized his artistic direction. Joseph delves into the power and essence of pigments and pastes, exploring them as unique and irreplaceable forms of artistic expression.
In Joseph’s world, art becomes the lens through which we reassess our understanding of reality. A visit to his oeuvre is an intellectual odyssey, questioning conventional wisdom and inviting us to see the world anew. Come experience the allure; Joseph’s art is where reason takes flight into the realms of imagination.

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