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Idan Zareski

Hailing from Haifa, Israel in 1968, Idan Zareski embarked on an unconventional yet remarkable journey from a very young age. Immersed in diverse cultures across Africa, Europe, the United States, and Latin America, he led a cosmopolitan life. At 38, Zareski made a pivotal decision to pursue his passion for sculpting, swiftly gaining international acclaim for his Bigfoot Family and monumental sculptures exhibited worldwide.

The Bigfoot Family, serving as a symbol of unity, has garnered widespread recognition for promoting cultural awareness and tolerance on a global scale. Known for his candid and relaxed approach, Zareski's sculptures reflect his innate ability to capture emotions authentically. Through his work, he establishes an effortless connection with viewers, evoking a sense of grace and poignancy.

Zareski's creative process is driven solely by his experiences and raw emotions, eschewing sketches and plans. He describes his artistic endeavor as an absolute communion with a force greater than himself, guided purely by intuition and passion.

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