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Eric Amsellem

Eric Jacques Amsellem's art journey involves experiments and syntheses. As a sculptor, he studied clay techniques, considering clay work a "discipline forcing mind and body to harmonize in physically controlling the material." To understand and master this art, he gradually acquired ancient manufacturing, assembly, hollowing and firing methods. Working with clay provided rich lessons on perceiving forms and spatial volumes. After meeting artists, Amsellem tried painting. This new enriching expression opened possibilities to combine sculptural volumes and infinite colors. He explored contrasts by balancing dark and light. Synthesizing these experiences in opposing dimensions led him to an unexpected third dimension. Amsellem began seeing embryonic images appear in his landscapes. Gradually he discovered his eyes could discern hidden characters waiting to emerge, leading him to reveal invisible figures by outlining them. Everything his poetic eye saw brought him to the limits of perception. His paintings became populated with individual or grouped characters, offering unexpected content. The interactive works invite viewers to immerse themselves in myriad details revealed upon close observation. What first appears as a landscape becomes a teeming world of original characters. Amsellem thus creates his original graphic universe.

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