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Dorit Levinstein

Meet the captivating world of Dorit Levinstein, where each sculpture is a visual symphony of form, figure, and hue. Her creations don’t just occupy space; they animate it. With a grace and elasticity that seems almost human, her sculptures appear to giggle and stretch, as if playfully interacting with the space around them.
These aren’t just sculptures; they are stories written in a language of virtuosic lines and contours, suggesting human figures, animals, flowers, and objects in a dance of endless possibility. Each figure swirls in vibrant colors, forming rhythmic patterns that echo like the refrains of a beloved melody. And while the end result radiates a breezy simplicity, don’t be fooled—each piece is the culmination of a meticulous and sophisticated creative process. Imagine the skilled dancer who invests countless hours in perfecting a single, flawless pirouette; that is the level of craftsmanship Dorit brings to her work.
Dorit’s journey into the world of sculpture began at the age of 32, and since then her artistic expression has flourished through distinct periods —starting with a “classical” phase focused on bronze, evolving into experiments with stone and mixed media, and currently blossoming into her mesmerizing art of colorful linear figures.
Widely celebrated, Dorit Levinstein’s pieces grace private collections globally and are featured in prestigious art galleries. Her talents also extend to customized commissions, both for intimate indoor spaces and expansive outdoor landscapes. In fact, many municipalities are adorned with her monumental sculptures, each one a radiant landmark that enriches its surroundings.
So, why merely view art when you can experience it? Dorit Levinstein invites you into a world that is not just seen but felt—a world where art dances, sings, and most importantly, comes to life.

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