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Born in Paris in 1951, CÉVÉ is an artist renowned for her expertise in contemporary animal sculpture, characterized by the elegant simplicity of line and the polished bronze finish she employs.

Distinguished in her field, CÉVÉ serves on juries and curates numerous exhibitions worldwide. Over the past decade, she has showcased her work in more than one hundred exhibitions, receiving twenty-seven awards and earning exclusive exhibition invitations on nine occasions.

With a burgeoning international following among art collectors, 2018 marked a significant milestone for CÉVÉ as her art reached New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Shanghai, and Hong Kong with the launch of her "Young Forever" collection. This collection, which has rapidly become her largest, draws inspiration from her background as an orthoptist and her dedication to visually impaired individuals. Having once headed departments at Broussais Hospital in Paris and the National Center for Visually Impaired Children in Montgeron, her sculptures reflect her belief that art should not only be visually appreciated but also evoke a desire to touch.

Rooted in her fondness for children, CÉVÉ's artistic journey began with drawings of teddy bears and other symbols of childhood innocence, which she later translated into sculptures. The inception of the "Young Forever" collection occurred during a visit to her son in New York, where she gifted him a bear sculpture. Inspired by a friend's suggestion to replicate it in various sizes and vibrant hues, CÉVÉ meticulously crafted these sculptures in France, using bronze or resin with a lustrous silver finish.

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