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Cédric Bouteiller

Born in 1970, Cédric Bouteiller is a French painter, photographer, and multimedia artist known for his cutting-edge compositions. His artworks are a fusion of digital photography on brushed aluminum, embellished with collages, drawings, tags, or watercolors and sealed in translucent resin.
After studying plastic arts and philosophy in Aix-en-Provence, Bouteiller ventured into photography and embarked on a world tour. This experience filled him with a variety of images that he later revisited after exploring abstract art. A pivotal moment in his artistic journey was his encounter with Zao Wou-KI, which led him to the path of lyrical abstraction. Other influential figures in his art include Tàpies and Alechinsky. A two-decade-long journey was further enriched in Arles, where conversations with Lucien Clergue ignited his passion for Picasso and introduced him to the literary influence of Cocteau.
His meticulous learning process over the years enabled him to skillfully manipulate digital printing to the level of fine art. Bouteiller employs a range of materials and techniques to depict iconic locations like New York, Shanghai, and Paris, as well as more mundane scenes elevated by symbolic elements such as a feminine gaze or architectural detail. Through drawing and painting, his photographs evolve into canvases where time freezes, layers upon itself, and enters the realm of modernity— all encapsulated in a resin finish.

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